Streamline ERP is designed to integrate business processes across an organization. It will assist in defining various roles and responsibilities in to move forward toward the standardization of business processes. Streamline ERP ensures that necessary information is available to the required role and process when needed. Streamline ERP integrates different aspects of the organization seamlessly and capable of replacing old legacy systems

The solution will assist organizations to maintain an audit trail for all transactions. Other benefits of the solution include:

  • Utilize one common database
  • Perform automatic internal conversions (e.g., foreign currency, taxes, legal “rules” for payroll)
  • Improve customer service by putting data at the fingertips of any employee
  • Involve users in the entire functional cycle
  • Unify backup, recovery procedures and other system administration tasks
  • Secure the system from disaster and unauthorized use

The Streamline systems helps in integrating the data, processes and IT. These are generic systems which can be configured, customized and integrated with other IS to meet the business needs.

After adopting Streamline ERP organizations can expect an improved level of productivity. The most important reason behind it is that the managers can focus on the strategy and managerial tasks while the system manages the back end processes related to different departments. like human resource, finance management, property management, project management etc. Increased productivity reduces costs; improves system performance and processes and eliminates wasting of time. Also automates the routine, frequently-repeated manual tasks that waste staff time and often result in errors and re-work. As a result, they enable more efficient completion of day-to-day activities, so staff can perform their jobs better and get more work done in a shorter period of time. Additionally, with streamline companies can understand which workflows are effective and which ones aren’t, so they can implement the kind of best practices and structured, formalized processes that will further improve staff productivity.By optimizing the use of resources by drastically cutting down the wastage the Streamline ERP will improve the productivity to a very large extend.

Deploying Streamline systems into a manufacturing process generally promotes a smooth and efficient flow of material to the production line, with minimal wasted time and money. The benefits are tangible, with improved production scheduling, effective inventory control, improved quality and lower overall costs.

Order management is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services. An system provides constantly updated inventory information, a database of vendors, a database of customers, a record of customer returns and refunds, information on billing and payments, order processing records, and general ledger information.

Installation of Streamline ensures that there is proper planning, data accuracy, adhering to standards, efficient demand management, maintaining the big picture which will improve the on time delivery improvements. Streamline system emphasis on improvement of operational efficiency which will give the organisations an edge over its competitors.

Dependency on manual systems can slow down the processes. Streamline systems fasten the invoice processes, identify the problem accounts, optimize purchasing, automate processes, support contract and subscription billing and also helps in having a better insight about the cash positions.

Inventory reduction comes through better inventory management. The Streamline systems helps in knowing when to make purchase or make inventory, identify how much does it cost to purchase or make inventory, decide where to put inventory once it is purchased or made, identify how easily the inventory can be retrieved to sell it also to determine how to keep inventory at lowest levels. This will help the organisation to do a better inventory management there by inventory reduction.

The Streamline helps in increasing the revenue/ profit by helping the organisations in better decision making, better management of inventory, reduction in manual processes, elimination of duplicates and prioritize cost reduction.