Streamline Enterprise Edition

Streamline, our own ERP Solution, is a web-based ERP solution for Small and Medium Size Enterprises with extreme emphasis on roles and business processes. It adheres to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development policies and regulation.  Streamline has responsive web design which allows it to run on any platform

Streamline enterprise edition covers various modules which is required to integrate all the activities in the organization. Streamline helps the organisation to maximize the profit by automating the repeated activities and reducing the manual intervention in all the activities. There are different modules for Streamline:





Property management






Meeting management


All together these module helps in the end to end management of various activities within an organisation. The data is available at a single place and it also helps in the meeting the requirements of different departments within the organisation. Streamline system helps in better decision making by giving alot of meaningful reports in each module. Each module in Streamline is customization according to the requirement.

Accounting Module

The Accounting module manages the following:

  • Management of the company’s Chart of Accounts
  • Management of Journal
  • Management of Bank Accounts
  • Management of Budget (Forecast and Actual)
  • Management of Cash-flow
  • Management of Cost Centres and their allocations
  • Management of Sales Invoice
  • Management of the Organisations Assets and their Depreciations
  • A suite of reports including (Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Profitability Analysis)

HR & Payroll Module

The HR & Payroll module manages the following:

  • Management of Employees Personal Information and work history
  • Management of the company’s organisational structure including departments and designations
  • Payroll Processing and cost centre allocation
  • Management of Salaries and their structure and components
  • Management of Leave, Leave Types, Balances
  • Management of Employee Loans
  • Management of Employees Attendance

Sales, Purchasing, Stock and CRM

The module manages the following:

  • Management of Sales and Purchase Items and Price Lists
  • Management of Stores and Warehouses
  • Management of Customers and Suppliers including all communications
  • Management Leads, Opportunities and Quotations
  • Management of Stock Levels and thresholds
  • Automatic ordering of items
  • Management of Sales Campaign

Point of Sale

The point of sale manages the following:

  • Management of multiple profiles and different access
  • Management of discounts on items depending on profile
  • Can be integrated with different payment gateways
  • Items can be published directly to an online shopping website

Property Management Module

The property management module manages the following:

  • Management of the Property Structure
  • Management of Sites
  • Management Properties for Sale or Lease
  • Management of Entry and Exit Checklist
  • Management of Payment Schedule
  • Management of the Properties Components
  • Management of Services and Commission
  • Management of Property Listing (work in progress)
  • Integration with Shomoos (work in progress)
  • Full integration with the Accounting Module including management of properties depreciation or appreciation
  • Full integration with the Sales and CRM
  • Management of Tenants, Owners and Sales Team
  • Management of Properties scheduled and unscheduled Maintenance
  • A Suite of reports including (Occupancy and Vacancy, Outstanding Payments, Property Maintenance, Lease Ending)
  • Role based permissions that can be assigned to each Site

Project Management Module

The project management module manages the following:

  • Management of Projects and their budget
  • Management of Tasks and Timesheets
  • Integrated with Sales and CRM module
  • Ability to bill customers based on Timesheets
  • Can be integrated with the Website module to provide access for customers
  • Monitor the progress of projects and tasks via Gantt Charts

Stock Module

The stock module manages the following:

  • Management of Stock
  • Management of items and pricing
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Stock Analytics

Audit Module

The Audit module manages the following:

  • Manage Audit Logs
  • Report customer vs employee bank accounts
  • Can choose which all documents require audit log

Manufacturing Module

The manufacturing module consist of the following:

  • Managing production orders
  • Managing bill of materials
  • Workstation management
  • Operations management

Buying Module

The Buying module manages the following:

  • Manage purchasing
  • Manage suppliers
  • Manage Items and Pricing
  • Purchase Analytics
  • Supplier wise sales analytics
  • Management of items and product bundle