Video and Security Surveillance

Lean BS takes security seriously and assume a critical nature for the aspects of projects involving the implementation of a security system. An organization’s success is dependent on how securely an organization protects its assets. Protection of assets from intended harm (e.g. theft or assault) and from unintended harm (e.g. fire) is a specialty of Lean BS. Lean BS provides security solutions involving CCTV cameras and alarm systems installation.

Video and Security Surveillance
Video and Security Surveillance

We commit to provide the client with high-end and state of the art security systems. We at Lean BS value the sense of safety as it further enhances the employees’ working environment. We provide various types of alarm systems such as fire alarm systems, unauthorized entry alarm system, and anti-theft alarm. Our team will tailor the alarm system based on the needs of the client.
The CCTV cameras provided by Lean BS are attained from Huawei whom Lean BS has partnership with. Huawei is a company based in Shenzhen, China and is a world leading company in providing security solutions specialized in video surveillance.
Huawei cameras are known to be one of the best and high-end cameras in the market. The level of security provided by Huawei cameras extend beyond regular monitoring as they utilize AI technology to preform concurrent analysis on live footage. Various types of analysis are provided by Huawei cameras including:

  • Distance measurements
  • Temperature measurements
  • Motion Detection
  • Counting
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