The recruitment process can prove tedious and inefficient if the organization does not have the needed resources. Even with the presence of the needed resources it is still an allocation of organizations’ time and finance. The recruitment service that Lean BS provides allows for the allocation of such resources towards aspects of the business that are more critical.

Lean BS works with various agencies to ensure the pool from which the candidates are chosen is vast enough to cover a large spectrum of expertise. With this the needs of the clients are met with a higher percentage of accuracy and satisfaction. We also assist the organization with drafting their requirements for the candidates depending on the needs the position fulfills. As part of the process we will facilitate the conduction of interviews for the potential candidates prior to any commitment by the client.

Once the process of selection comes to an end and a decision is made the offer letter is released upon the clients’ request. The selected candidate will undergo a probation period of six months, during which the candidate is under observation.

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