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Organizations all over the wold, and the present difficulties in which managers are facing on a daily basis when it comes to managing and retaining talented and highly-skilled employees. Organizations world wide know that the most rewarding investment is in their people. Those investments become more fundamental when the nature of the industry requires highly skilled employees similar to the medical, engineering, nursing and information technology roles.

In 2015, organizations have spent over $355 billion on training and $400 billion on recruitment with the aim of improving their overall performance and ability to deliver better products and services to customers. In most cases investments in human capital are provisioned in the form of on-the-job training in which focuses only improving the technical abilities of employees using generically designed material that do not take into account the individuality of the employee nor the context of the workplace nor the organization eco-system. Although on-job-training has substantial costs and has the potential to drain the organization’s budget, it only leads to small improvements in the overall performance especially in large teams where only selected few are lucky to undertake training. Thus, a new trend in corporate training has began to emerge in the last ten years in which employees in an organization will undertake as a team and the training will be tailored to fit the characteristic of this team and the distinctiveness of roles.

What is an Offshore Development Center?

A Business model that leverages the use of offshore resources. These resources are generally:

  • Skilled yet cost-effective
  • Posses unique expertise that are difficult or very expensive to obtain in the local market

What are the benefits of an Offshore Development Center?

  • Lower cost of delivery through standardisation, simplification, process harmonisation & scale leverage
  • Access to highly skilled resources at a cost-effective fees
  • Reduces the overhead of administration and HR tasks
  • Eliminate the risk of hidden and unforeseen costs
  • Ability to hire additional resources in a very quick around time
  • Effective Agile/Scrum methodology with a strong focus on teamwork and collaboration
  • Flexible hours to suit client’s needs
  • COST
  • RISK

Lean Business Solutions Offshore Center

  • Located in Nungambakkam near Chennai’s City Centre, India
  • Secure premises equipped with IP Cameras and full power backup generators
  • Internet Connection Redundancy for reliable communication
  • IP Cameras can be accessed by client to ensure availability and productivity of staff
  • Dedicated Rooms, Seats & Laptops
  • Video conferencing, chat and screen sharing
  • We take care of all administration and HR tasks including time attendance and timesheet management so your staff can focus on being productive
  • We are flexible can compensate for special requirements
  • Single monthly bill to include all services
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