Network Solutions

network solutions

We at Lean BS recognize the variety of expertise required to provide a coherent and comprehensive network solutions. The attainment of a Network Solution service that utilizes such expertise can prove difficult. Our team here at Lean BS possess the required knowledge and background to provide Network Solutions services at higher quality and expedited delivery.

We have experience implementing networking infrastructure in numerous sites including international airports and grand shopping centers. As part of the implementation Lean BS provides the following services:

  • Cable pulling
  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cabling
  • Fiber optics cabling
  • UTP to fiber cabling
  • Router installation
  • Switches installation
  • Wireless Access
  • Server room installation
  • UPS installation
  • Cabinet organization
network solutions

The parameters of the pulled cables are tailored to the requirements of the client and are attained with high levels of accuracy. The installation of the cables is carried out with continuous supervision to ensure quality of delivery. Network components such as routers, switches, and server rooms are installed according to global standards and are tested for performance prior to client delivery. These services are provided at an expedited rate without compromising performance and quality.

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