Lean Business Centres

Organizations seeking to procure staff locally with unique expertise may encounter difficulties in finding individuals that are a perfect fit. In conjunction with procurement difficulties, local staff procurement can prove to be rather expensive. We at Lean BS provide you with an answer to such problems, Lean Business Centers (LBC).

LBC is a business model that we adopt to utilize offshore resources. Offshoring part or whole tasks has a positive financial return on the ROI. The low cost of delivery is contributed to our efforts to standardize and simplify process harmonization. Furthermore, the offshored department will reduce the overhead of administration and HR tasks.

Taking advantage of LBC will result in numerous benefits. Utilizing LBC will further expedite the procurement of additional staff and eliminate the risk of hidden and unforeseen costs. LBC provides flexible hours tailored to the need of the client with IP cameras in the office spaces for the client to access. While the client has access to the offshored office, we at Lean BS will take care of all administrative and HR tasks.

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