ERP Implementation

We at Lean Business Solutions distinguish ourselves from our competitors by following a structured yet flexible approach to manage ERP implementation projects. Our consultants understand the significance of the investment our customers are making. As a result, they listen to the customer, and put all their knowledge and expertise to understand the underlying requirements. We work closely with our customers to get them release the perceived benefits of an ERP solution and more.

Why you should choose LBS to implement your ERP?

There are many reasons to support your decision to choose LBS as your solution provider:

  • LBS focuses on the business value delivered to customers rather than the technology.
  • LBS provides consultation to client to maximise the benefits of the implementation prior to our engagement
  • LBS uses a self-developed¬†methodology which stems from the strengths of PMP, Prince2 and Agile SCRUM. We undertake a holistic implementation approach that take into account the organisation’s:
    • Business model
    • Strategy
    • Structure
    • Maturity
    • Stakeholders
    • Processes
    • Culture
    • IT Infrastructure
  • LBS follows a proven and certified project management methodology which puts a great emphasis on business case, scope, risk, cost, timeline and resources.
  • LBS takes into account the cultural aspects of the client organisation to produce a tailored change management, communication and training plans to minimise the disruption of the implementation.
  • LBS has excellent expertise in the diverse disciplines¬†and make them available to you to ensure a smooth and seamless implementation. These disciplines include:
    • Business Process Management and re-engineering,
    • Lean Management and Six sigma
    • Project Management
    • Software Development
    • Reporting and KPIs
    • Network and Infrastructure
    • Technical support
    • IT Service Desk Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Training
  • LBS follows notch process to gather and elicit the organisation’s requirements, and take into account the ever changing nature of organisations
  • LBS understands the ERP success and failure factors, and monitor them throughout the implementation course
  • LBS provisions technical and business support during and after the implementation
  • LBS facilitates tailored on-premise and online training workshops
how can we help you?

Contact us at Lean Business Solutions by submitting a business inquiry online or raise a call back request, we will get back to you.